Veterans Day in FAIRBANKS - Thank you for your Service, You are Not Forgotten

How We Got Started

Festival Fairbanks, Inc. was originally created by Resolution #1858, adopted unanimously by the Fairbanks City Council on October 6, 1980. The resolution directed the establishment of a non-profit community service organization to plan and hold an appropriate celebration for the Silver Anniversary of Statehood. Over the past 39 years, subsequent resolutions have been passed requesting Festival Fairbanks to assist, plan, and facilitate various projects related to historic old Fairbanks and Interior Alaska, beautification, and/or tourism and economic development. Festival Fairbanks was instrumental in the recognition of the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution, the 50th Anniversary of the Alaska Highway, the World War II Commemorative Community activities, the Fairbanks Centennial Celebrations, and the 50th Anniversary of Statehood.

Festival Fairbanks has often served as a catalyst and facilitator for economic development in Fairbanks and Interior Alaska, creating and promoting such groups as the Interior Alaska Manufacturer's Association and their annual Airport Display, and the Interior Alaska Potato Exhibit. The interest generated from this type of activity has led the University of Alaska and several local growers into the international marketplace, with contracts being negotiated with China for shipments of disease-free seed potatoes. This market was previously an undeveloped opportunity for local growers.

The Fairbanks City Council officially designated Festival Fairbanks through Resolution No. 3421 to: "plan, organize, develop and coordinate commemorative activities for the Centennial of the City of Fairbanks."

As a result of this assignment, several capital projects came to fruition, and a very special relationship was born.
  • Barnette's Landing Beautification Project
  • William Ransom Wood Centennial Bridge
  • Fairbanks / Fanano, Italy Sister City

Our most recent capital project is the construction of the Chena Riverwalk. A path has been developed on the south side of the Chena River downtown to Pioneer Park at Peger Road. This path connects to other bike paths around the Fairbanks North Star Borough. After more than 10 years of work, Festival Fairbanks has secured a permit to build a path on the north side of the Chena River with plans to add three new pedestrian bridges between Pioneer Park and downtown Fairbanks. We are excited to share this development with our city and visitors as we continue to "Make Fairbanks a Better Place to Live".