Veterans Day in FAIRBANKS - Thank you for your Service, You are Not Forgotten

Market Festival Fairbanks is seeking vendors for the 2019 season to be advertised as May 27 - Sept 2.

The Market takes place in Golden Heart Plaza located on the Chena River at 516 1st Avenue, Fairbanks, Alaska 99701.

Please take a moment to review this page then fill out an application and pay your fees through our online store.

Give us a call at 907.456.1984 to find out about vending incentives.


Market Festival Fairbanks will provide vendors an opportunity to interface with many of our out of state visitors. Additional vending opportunities may be available. Please ask us how we can best accommodate you at Market Festival Fairbanks.

The City of Fairbanks has laws against “transient vending” at Golden Heart Plaza. Therefore, you must adhere to the hours of operation in order to fit within the Market Festival Fairbanks Permit.

A Vendor application must be filed and application fees must be paid prior to set-up at Market Festival Fairbanks. Vendor agrees to post a sign (to be provided by Festival Fairbanks) identifying the vendor as an authorized vendor.

Market Days and Hours:

·         Monday is a multi-vendor day with space available for up to about 30 vendors. No City license required.

o    Open 10 AM – 2 PM.

Market Hours: To be respectful of creating a “Happening Market Atmosphere” we ask that vendors commit to at least 4 hours on any market day.

Fees and Discounts:

Daily Fee: $30

6 or more days: $20


Vendor space: Market space is limited to the borders of Golden Heart Plaza unless otherwise assigned. Space is first-come-first-served. Most vendors will want to use the same “space” each week so please let us know if a conflict develops. We want to remain fair and flexible and are hopeful vendors will be respectful of this rule. We appreciate it if you don't set up directly in front of the fountain as many people enjoy taking photos of it.

Legal compliance is required. Most vendors must have a current State of Alaska business license posted in their booths and all relevant certificates/licenses or permits as required by the city, state, and applicable federal laws. All food and beverage vendors must abide by applicable sanitation guidelines.

The use of skateboards, bicycles, roller skates, and other wheeled or tracked vehicles, with the exception of baby carriages, hand trucks, wagons and wheelchairs, within the plaza shall be prohibited;

The use of a gaming permit at this event is strictly prohibited without prior written permission by Festival Fairbanks.       

Respectful conduct: Flower beds may not be used as display areas. Do not tie off booths to sprinkler system;

If you are using materials that may stain or damage the surface of Golden Heart Plaza grounds there must be a protective tarp between the material and the surfaces. Vendor is responsible to pay reasonable costs to repair damage to the plaza’s surface;

Vendors must provide their own booth needs. Vendors with tents are encouraged to respect the plaza surface and attempt to avoid damage caused by dragging tent legs during set-up and breakdown. We recommend placing felt pads or tennis balls on tent legs for best results. For windy days jugs of water, sandbags, or cinder-blocks work well to weigh down. Vendors will need to bring their own tables, chairs and any necessary equipment for their booths;

Trash cans and bags for customer use: Food vendors must bring two (2); all other vendors must bring one (1). Trash left in or nearest your booth area after vending shall result in $25 fine per instance;

Be responsible for your own area and cleanup. Thank you for leaving the grounds as you found them.  You are responsible for hauling all trash away from marketplace grounds. Oil of any kind must be removed in a sealed container and cannot go in drains, garbage cans, the river or on the ground—violating vendors will pay for all cleaning requirements to Festival Fairbanks.

Vendors must conduct themselves and their employees/dependents in an orderly manner, so as not to offend fellow vendors and marketplace patrons. Maintain family focus at all times. Festival Fairbanks reserves the right to restrict or remove booths, without refund, deemed unsuitable, unsafe or objectionable;

Electric Limits: If an electricity arrangement has been made with Festival Fairbanks you must abide by all electricity regulations- WARNING! DO NOT EXCEED 1,000 WATTS. To calculate your usage:  Amps x Volts = Watts. IF YOU ARE CAUGHT VIOLATING THIS RULE, YOU MAY BE FINED $100 AND BE BANNED FROM FUTURE EVENTS. Overloading outlets will cause the power to FAIL. Festival Fairbanks will not guarantee power will be restored during your chosen vending time, As all electricity is made possible by in-kind donations. Extension cords should be secured to avoid tripping hazards. Use heavy-duty duct tape to secure cords to pavement;

Parking: Registered Vendors will be issued a vendor ID and parking pass for the Downtown Parking Structure located at 3rd Avenue and Lacey St at no extra charge to the vendor. Parking in downtown parking spaces is two hours only. We are hopeful that vendors will take advantage of the parking garage and leave the street spaces for potential customers.

Load in / out : Vendors with a vendor ID in the window may pull into the bus loading zone in front of Golden Heart Plaza, put on their flashers and unload into the Plaza. Once items are unloaded vendors will need to move their vehicle to the parking structure to leave room for other vendors and the flow of bus traffic. Please be respectful of this process by parking as close to the handicap space as possible on the east end of the bus lane. (Do not park in handicap blue zone) This will leave room for buses to pull in front of vendor vehicles closer to the Yukon Quest Log Cabin. Vendors, of course, are welcome to park in available nearby parking spaces while they load in and out with no special permit required. Load-in can start as early as 9:15 AM to allow time for a 10 AM Market start up time. There will be Festival Fairbanks staff on hand from 9:15 AM to watch vendor items while they park. Later in the day there will be other vendors in place that will help watch out for each other.  If you are alone at the Plaza and need support please contact Julie Jones at (907) 322-4112.

Entertainment at the Market: Special arrangements can be made to vend during the “Music Festival Fairbanks” Series (formerly “Concerts in the Plaza”). 2018 marks its 26st season. Vendors are asked not to “break-down” their booths during concert times so as not to detract from the event. The current season calendar is: Tuesday and Friday from 12:30 to 1:30 PM and Wednesday Evening from 7PM to 8PM. (Let us know if you wish to ADD the Music Festival Fairbanks special to your schedule) Other entertainment may be added during market hours as the season progresses. For information on who will entertain throughout the season please visit our event page at

Festival Fairbanks’ Role: Our office is across the street at 516 Second Ave Ste. 318, (third floor Lathrop Building). Our regular office hours are Monday thru Friday, 9AM to 5PM. We will have an employee present in the Plaza from 9:15 AM – 2PM on Mondays offering information services to our guests.  This employee will also be speaking with vendors periodically and is there to help in any way they can.

Festival Fairbanks will provide vendors with their Official Authorized Vendor Sign.

Festival Fairbanks will place vendor names on Facebook and other social media when vendors are signed up in advance.

Festival Fairbanks will promote Market Festival Fairbanks throughout the season.

Festival Fairbanks will send a monthly email to vendors with projections of tourist bus traffic.

Contact information:

Julie Jones, Executive Director – 907.322.4112 cell / 907.456.1984 office

So what are you waiting for? You have reviewed this page now fill out an application and pay your vendor fee through our online store.